NEET is now mandatory for Indian candidates wishing to obtain medical certificates from foreign universities

Indian candidates can plan for foreign medical education only if they are eligible for the National Competency and Admission Examination (NEET). The government has confirmed the same for admission to government and private colleges in India. 

The only Indian students living in India or abroad who wish to study medicine from foreign universities (MBBS / BDS) are advised to follow this rules.

NEET is now mandatory for Indian candidates

Important information regarding acceptance

  • It is stated that the regulations stipulate that Indian citizens or nationals of India abroad who intend to obtain a primary medical qualification from any medical institution outside of India, in May 2018 or later, must be eligible for the NEET qualification for admission to the Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery the outside.
  • The decision will be implemented in the future as of May 2018. Thus, students who have already obtained admission under current regulations to follow the initial medical course by taking the eligibility certificate from the MCI, are exempted from the NEET qualification. “